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  • SHARKS ! SAÉ an 1 - Mars 2010

    To help students develop a deeper understanding of sharks through various texts and to promote responsible attitude.

  • « Evaluation Situation : Risky Business » - Mars 2010

    A remake of the Evaluation Situation from BIM named Risky Business for 1st cycle secondary students and students of the « Parcours axé sur l’emploi » in FMS. The modifications of the situation concerns : • A remodelling of the Student’s Magazine (reduced to 8 pages) • A remodelling of the Student’s Lifestyle Quiz (reduced to 7 pages) • Modification of the reinvestment task and evaluation rubric for C2. • Replacement and adaptation of the rubrics for C1-C2-C3 using the MELS models. • Adjustment of (...)
  • The Paralympic Games : Making a Difference ! - Décembre 2009

    A Learning and Evaluation Situation to Help with the Teaching of the Related Content A MELS workshop
  • Activate with strategies - tous les cycles - Décembre 2009

    These activities foster the use of cognitive strategies in order to have students become more independent readers by using different text types.